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The theme: Simply All In - Transforming Leadership Into Results, embodies evolution and transformation.
It's a movement that inspires both professional and personal growth.

"Simply All In" is Simple.

Simply Emphasizes and acknowledges the opportunity we have in GE's evolution and Simplification journey. When GE succeeds, AAF succeeds, and we play a vital role in helping to shape our company's future.
All In Is a spin on GE's Simplification theme, "I'm In." The "all" is our AAF family. It acknowledges we are one team, and that our individual success is linked to our collective relevance and actions to row and grow together.
Transforming Is about evolving, moving forward. We will never settle for "as is" or just ok. Our continued focus is on growing and improving, with the goal of making a difference and having a lasting impact.
Leadership Addresses the individual and the collective. We are specifically focused on finding new leaders through increased recruitment and retention efforts. In fact, we revamped our Community Outreach efforts this year, and will be conducting job interviews for potential GE employees on-site!
Results Equal action and outcomes. Yes, we want everyone who attends Symposium to be inspired and feel connected, but we must also instigate action as a direct result of inspiration. We want all attendees - and members of AAF whom may not be attending -to focus on having a lasting impact and delivering results.